Our philosophy

Respect for the sea and its beauty ...

We are doing what we are doing for a single reason – we love the sea and fishing. We are in love with the Adriatic, especially the island of Pag. We also once had different jobs, far away from the sea and fishing, so we were looking for something that would bring us closer to our dreams and desires.

Finally, our story began and we would love to continue it with you who already have visited our apartments and villas and with you who are still waiting to come. We want to present to each and every client everything that is important about the accommodation and the island. In the past, we were often confused or disturbed (when we ourselves were looking for holiday facilities), because we never got all the desired answers, or the path to them was long and painful.

The motive for the growth and development of the offer at Adriatic Sunset is very determined. We want to offer every guest the best, which includes information about:

We also consider it important that we help the client in the following ways:

  • to support them prior to the arrival and during the vacation,
  • to offer them a piece of information for which they would spend a lot of time searching either prior to the arrival or during their stay,
  • fascinate them about fishing, although we all know that fish at the fish market is the cheapest.

We will do our best to make you happy as the guests have been so far. We will be pleased to receive your praise, complaints and other messages, write them to info@adriatic-sunset.com. We do not want to compete with websites such as www.booking.com, because our philosophy differs from the concept of mass tourism.

Do not hesitate, call us or write to us, we will do our best to help you fulfil your desires and expectations.