Fishing in the Adriatic sea

Only for true anglers

Like all over the world, fishing is also very popular in the Adriatic area. Here, it has expanded widely over the last decade. Nearly to the dimensions that are worrying. We have in mind both economic fishing and sports fishing.

While the world is worried about the extinction of species in the sea, and countries are collecting taxes and not protecting a certain catch, we still hope for a catch of a trophy fish.

Sports fishing is the only way of fishing, that we truly love. Although the sea is heavily fished, there are still places for good angling experience, both throughout the world and in the Adriatic. Let’s mention that the Adriatic is one of the best fishing areas in the world for fishing the bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus). There are still places that are a paradise for fish and fishermen. If you love fishing, you may also be interested in articles on our blog section.

For those who would like to enjoy a day or two of top-class fishing, especially fishing the big fish (big game fishing), we have prepared some useful tips, namely where and with whom to fish. The providers that we know personally, who live for that perfect “strike” and who will be both great guides and gourmet gurus, are:

  • BIG GAME FISHING ISTRA, Mr Robert Reninger, see
  • Big GAME FISHING BURA, Krk island
  • ZADAR BOAT – fishing charter with MARIN HUZJAK, Zadar – Dugi Otok (Kornati)

For all information regarding fishing charter, we are available (see contact).

I am especially grateful for the advice I received in the big game fishing world to a good friend and one of the best Slovenian marine fishermen, Bojan Cestar (Slovenian big game team Barracuda).