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What does the island offer?
The island of Pag offers many adventures for different wishes.

Mountaineering (Pag triangle, St. Vid, …)

On the entire island, there are hiking trails that offer unforgettable experiences in unspoiled nature. The walker gets a sense of walking on the other planet! The most famous hiking point is the Pag Triangle, from which the beautiful view of the Velebit Channel and the Gulf of Pag stretches. It is a phenomenon or a megalithic footprint, discovered in 1999. In just three years since the discovery, it has been visited by more than 30,000 visitors. It is located just a few kilometers from the town of Novalja on the hill Tusto čelo. The structure, color, and size of the stone, which is located in the triangle, is different from the structure of the rock outside of it. Due to the diverse conjectures and rumors of the supernatural and healing powers of stones and, above all, the lack of respect of tourists, the triangle was protected in 2000. It is estimated that it was created 12,000 years ago.

Visit http://www.otok-pag.hr/tours/paski-trokut/PG-TR-137

St. Vid (Šimuni – St. Vid, duration of the hike is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes)

The village of Šimuni is located at the foot of 348 meters high St. Vid hill, the highest peak on the island, which offers a wonderful view of the island and all the Pag archipelago. Here lies the demolished chapel of Saint Vid (built in 1348). On the island of Pag, there are three hiking routes (Šimunov, Kolana, and Dubrava), which lead to the summit of Saint Vid. The trail blazing in Šimuni begin at the campsite, and the climb takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Avoid the hike in very hot weather and after strong north winds (bora), always carry enough drinking water and headcover with you. It is also important to wear proper hiking shoes. In addition to the demanding terrain, special attention should be paid to snakes and spiders (widow spiders are not uncommon in this area).

The link: http://www.hps.hr/info/hrvatski-vrhovi/pag-vrh-sveti-vid/


For climbing lovers, in Slogaj near Metajna there is a climbing site suitable for beginners and experienced climbers.

The link: http://www.plezanje.net/climbing/db/showCrag.asp?crag=694


For cycling enthusiasts, there are 14 cycling routes on Pag Island:

  1. route: Vodice (Pag beach) – St. Jerolim – Gajac – Škunca (Novalja)
  2. route: “Salty oasis”
  3. route: Stari grad – Kašljun
  4. route: “Ptica” Veliko blato
  5. route: Smokvica
  6. route: Prunta
  7. route: Dubrovnik cape
  8. route: Šimuni – Girenica bay
  9. route: Kolan
  10. route: The quarry (Kamenolom)
  11. route: Novaljsko polje field
  12. route: Vinske staze
  13. route: Caska – Metajna – Ručica canyon
  14. route: Novalja – Lun


On the island of Pag, in Stara Novalja, Jakišnica and Novalja, you can find several diving centers where you can rent equipment or go for organized diving. In the northern part of the island, where nature is still quite intact, underwater rocks and sand dunes, as well as rich flora and fauna, can be seen on the sea floor.

The link: http://www.mediteranpag.com/si/hrvaska/aktivnosti-in-atrakcije/otok-pag-pag-sport-potapljanje-s14-47.htm

Rent-a-boat / charter

If you ever get tired of crowds on the city beaches and would like to see the land from the sea or if you want to visit a lonely island and beach, we recommend renting a boat here:

  1. MARETA BOATS ZADAR, tel.: 00385 (0) 91 537 1511, http://www.rentaboatzadar.com/index.html
  2. BELI GOMON, tel.: 00385 (0) 51 655 779, http://beligomon.com/
  3. In the town of Novalja, there are also some boat suppliers.

Wakeboard and ski lift

On the island of Pag you can try two types of wakeboarding: boat wakeboarding and cable wakeboarding (lift or ski lift).

The link: http://www.cable-pag.com/sl/

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Museum of lace

Pag is also characterized by a Pag lace. To find out more about the lace and its history, we recommend visiting a lace museum, where also very old specimens of Pag lace are stored.

The link: http://pag.si/kot-dih-nezna-paska-cipka/

Salt museum

The island of Pag is characterized by excellent sea salt and salt pans where it is grown. Salt production was once one of the main economic activities. How the salt was acquired in the past and how the production of this white gold changed over the years can be seen in the Salt Museum.

The link: http://www.solana-pag.hr/

Day of the town Novalja (June 13th)

Every year, the “Day of the town Novalja” event takes place in Novalja on June 13th. It attracts many locals, both young and old, and besides them, a lot of tourists visit the event. The organizers take care of the gourmet pleasures, a good wine and active time, organizing the St. Anton trophy competition in sports fishing.

The day of homeland gratitude (August 5th)

The day of homeland gratitude on the island of Pag is held every year on August 5th. Even during this event, visitors will not be hungry nor thirsty. Organizers do not forget the sports enthusiasts; they even prepare a tournament in mini football.

Pag cyclotourism marathon (info@mojbicikl.hr)

Every year, the people of Pag prepare a bicycle marathon on their island. The marathon route is 43 kilometers long and marathon players come from all over Croatia and other European countries, so the marathon was named “international”. A large number of Italian, German and Slovenian cyclists attend marathon each year; young and old are involved.

Pag Carnival

Every year, the Pag carnival is a must visit happening, which takes place on the first Saturday after the epiphany to the ash Wednesday. In hotels and restaurants, parties in masks are held daily, and the carnival ends with three days of excitement parties on the streets of Pag.

Shimuni Open (September 29th – October 1st)

Shimuni Open, one of the most sensational international races on the Adriatic, is an incredible combination of adrenaline entertainment and a superb atmosphere, where all fans of windsurfing, kite-surfing, sailing and standing boating (SUP) will enjoy.

Fishing / fishing charter / Big game

For all the enthusiasts of sea fishing, the island of Pag is great. Fishermen can enjoy fishing from the coast (gilt-head bream, sea bass, …) or in fishing from a boat (common pandora, horse mackerel, red porgy, common dentex, leerfish, all kinds of blue fish …). For our guests, we also have valuable tips on where to fish for certain fish species.

If you want to spend the day with a master of sea fishing, we strongly recommend a trip with Mr. Oliver Alaburic (the starting point is in the city of Pag), which will offer you fishing for small and large fish, in particular leerfish (Lichia amia – a live bait method).

Big-game charter on the island is not available, but one of the best teams on the Adriatic Sea (Zadar Boat http://www.zadar-boat.com/index.php?lang=en) can help you out in the nearby town of Zadar. The team is led by the marine fisherman Marino Huzjak. By agreement, we can also help you reserve a day of fishing with him.

On the website, you can also find a section “fishing – fishing charter”, where you will find more fishing possibilities throughout the Adriatic. We will also present a lot on this topic in our blog.