Frequently asked questions

What is the booking process and how do I make a payment?

First, select your apartment, then send us a request or call us on 00386 (0) 41 972 918 (working time from Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 8 PM). By e-mail ( you can write to us your preferences and we will propose a specific accommodation capacity according to your written request.

When you get our response that the desired capacity is free, please confirm that you would like to make a reservation. By e-mail, we send you a pro forma invoice for paying the advance (in PDF format).

Advance payment, i.e. 25 % of the prepayment, you need to pay the next day to get the desired term. You can pay an advance payment at the bank, post office or via electronic banking. Upon payment of the deposit, you will receive a “Booking confirmation and advance payment” in PDF format. Upon arrival in the apartment, you will show the certificate to the owner of the accommodation capacity.

The price of the accommodation is the price that the owner requires so you save an expensive commission, collected by different travel agencies. The remaining 75 % of the invoice must be paid to the owner of the apartment on the day of arrival, as we will remind you of.


The risk of cancellation is provided free of charge up to 21 days before departure or reservation term. After this date, we can not refund your paid deposit.

Do I get any confirmation of the reserved apartment?

Of course.

You will receive a confirmation of paid prepayment. When you deposit an advance (25 %), you receive a confirmation in PDF format by e-mail. This certificate contains the assurance that you paid the advance and that the desired term is reserved for you.

Are there surcharges on site?


Even the tourist tax is already charged in the invoice you receive by e-mail (it is 1 EUR / person per day), so no additional charges are required upon arrival in the apartment.

In the event that there is some extra charge for a certain capacity, we will notify you when booking a term or in the advertisement.

Do we have to take towels and linens?

No. All of our apartments have towels and linens, so you do not need to bring them with you. Bring your towels for the beach with you.

Can I get a phone number of hosts to call them when I need them?

Of course. But you can always call us (Mr Blaz, Ms Jana, …) since we also know the way to our apartments.

Why do I have to pass on our personal documents on arrival? When do I get them back?

Upon arrival, there is a registration procedure with a local tourist organization that charges a tourist tax for each tourist (on average, it is 1 EUR / day per person, children under 12 years free of charge.) You have already paid this sum during a reservation at the time of booking and arrival you do not have to pay for anything.

The host does everything on your behalf, as only the owner of the apartment can report you as a tourist.

What does it mean that you are available 24 hours a day for us, also during our vacation?

This means that you can call us at any time or write to our mobile number whenever you need help or information. We want to take care of you!

Why do you have so few apartments in the offer?

Every apartment is tested in person. Through testing, we try to find out whether it’s quality, how close the beach it is and whether it offers the homeliness we all like. Approximately 10 apartments are tested per year, but we usually do not publish all of them.

It is extremely important that our guests feel good and enjoy the apartment. The role of owners also plays a great role; all those with whom we cooperate are extremely friendly and reliable.

The palette of apartments is indeed smaller, we offer only the best! On our website there are only accommodation facilities that we personally tested and which proved to be trustworthy. Spending vacation there is a guarantee for neverending memories.

It is not necessary that the apartment must be very expensive, but it should have something extra that we can be delighted with – a magnificent view of the sea, an unforgettable sunset, quality equipment, above-average hospitable owners, a dream beach in the immediate vicinity, fishing opportunities …

I have not heard of apartments via ADRIATIC SUNSET. Is this something new? How do I know you are reliable?

Adriatic Sunset is a new company. You probably have not heard of us because we do not advertise in all possible media and we do not offer mass tourism packages. We offer exclusively domestic tourism on the island of Pag, so our offer is not suitable for all people.

Since we have found out that the clients trust us, we have begun doing it professionally. We devote time and care to each client, we listen carefully, advise and provide them with a lot of information. In the end, we help them make the final decision and provide the necessary to spend their dream holiday.

We treat each client as our best friend.

Why should I spend my vacation in the Adriatic?

For us, the Adriatic is the most beautiful place in the world. We have already visited other places, but as far as the sea is concerned, we are returning only to the Adriatic.

For a perfect vacation, it is important to be able to contact the locals and to feel their familiarity.

Despite the occasional disagreements between Slovenia and Croatia, it seems important to us that the local people are always pleasant and hospitable.

How do I get to the island of Pag?

You can reach the island of Pag in two ways.

  1. The first option is ferry transport: Prizna – Žigljen (Pag) – the journey takes about 15 minutes. During the summer months (and holidays), ferries operate non-stop (day and night), outside the summer holidays they operate according to a regular schedule. The ferry schedule (Prizna – Žigljen):

    Approximately 22 euros for a car + driver (high season) – a one-way ticket
    Approximately EUR 2.5 per adult – a one-way ticket
    PRIZNA – JADROLINIJA – Agency Prizna
    Phone: +385 53 88 96 00

    ŽIGLJEN – JADROLINIJA – Agency Žigljen (Pag)
    Phone: +385 98 299 133

    The link: Webcam – Prizna or
    The link: Webcam – Žigljen (Pag) or

  2. From the mainland via the bridge: the simplest access (without waiting queues to the ferry) is over the Pag bridge, located in the southeast of the island. Although it is often closed during the winter due to the bora, it is an elegant choice in the sunny months, since the bridge is located near the Zagreb – Split highway (about 20 kilometres between exit Posedarje and the island of Pag).

The costs are approximately the same for both options.

When should we go on the road?

Before you leave, you can always call us, then we will let you know when is the best time to arrive. You may have to wait for the departure of the guests staying in the apartment before you. In this case, we will also advise you where to stay in peace and spend time until the occupation of the apartment.

Can we rent a boat and what are the prices?

Of course, you can rent a boat. The options are quite a few, the problem is that the rental prices are very different.

If you want to hire a vessel for the entire duration of your stay, the rent is much cheaper in Slovenia.

Alternatively, you can rent a boat in the city of Zadar, where the agency is renting Slovenian vessels. In this agency, they will be able to help you find the right vessel.