General Terms and Conditions


These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the cooperation between Adriatic Sunset and the guest who is applying for a particular accommodation or other service. In the event that a particular program specifies otherwise in respect of any point in these terms and conditions, the statement or provision specified in this program shall apply. Adriatic Sunset, acting as a broker in the area of accommodation and general help of the guest, provides services in accordance with published information, description, term and confirmed reservation, except in the case of exceptional circumstances – force majeure (war, riots, strikes, embargoes, terrorist actions , sanitation and hygiene disorders, interventions by the competent authorities, death or host disease, and the like).

Adriatic Sunset ensures that personal guest data will be protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and used and stored exclusively for the purposes of processing guest reservations and information. Under no circumstances will they be sold, given in or permited to a third party to access them.



Adriatic Sunset is obliged to provide the services listed on this website and to take care of the rights and interests of the guest in accordance with good business practices. This also applies to the right and correct selection of service providers. The guest is obliged to have valid travel documents, to follow the house rules in the accommodation facilities and to respect the house rules and other rules that apply to individual services.

Upon arrival, the guest is obliged to submit to the owner of the accommodation facility or to the service provider a document on the paid service (confirmation of payment of the advance) and personal documents of all guests in a single facility so that the host can make a statutory registration of guests in the competent local tourist organization. Adriatic Sunset sends the travel documents to the guest (notice of the instructions before the trip) by e-mail. Arrival in the apartments is possible after 12 pm, but when leaving, the apartment should be left until 9 am in the morning if it is not specified on the certificate for each apartment.



Upon receiving a positive reply and an estimate of the costs of the service provided by Adriatic Sunset, sent by e-mail, the reservation is concluded by means that a guest confirms it via email or by telephone for the specific holiday period and pays 20% of the advance indicated on the invoice. The guest should do so in 1 business day or as indicated on a an estimate. The remaining 80% of the price must be paid on the day of arrival to the owner of the apartment. The advantage of the guest is that we do not charge expensive commissions in our company, we only charge the price required by the owners of the apartments. In the event that the advance payment is not paid within the specified deadline, it is considered that the service was not confirmed.

At the time of booking, the guest transmits all the information needed to make a reservation (in most cases, this is the name, surname and birth date for all participants, contact telephone and address). If there are more persons in the accommodation unit than listed on the document (pro forma invoice / invoice), the person who rents the accommodation unit has the right to dispense with the unannoundered guests. By making a reservation (by paying an advance payment), the guest confirms that he / she is acquainted with the General Terms and agrees with them. By the terms of the General Terms, the guest can be informed on the Adriatic Sunset website, section General Terms at the bottom of the website.



The price includes the basic service (renting an apartment by the sea and accompanying costs such as tourist tax, …), as described on our website. In the accommodation unit, basic hygienic aids (toilet paper, soap, …) are available for the start, and after spending them, the guest provides their hygienic items. Special or additional services must be paid by the guest separately, but they may be requested at the time of reservation or later, if they are still available.

Accommodation prices are published in euros. Adriatic Sunset reserves the right to change published prices (in case of a price change by the person offering the service or due to a change in the exchange rate), but it must provide the guests who have already paid the advance for a particular reservation to ensure the price of the accommodation or service that is was indicated on the invoice when they paid the pro forma invoice. For certain apartments, a special extra charge is required for the final cleaning of the apartment in the amount of 60 €, which will be specifically indicated in the offer and calculation for renting an apartment.

In the case of an advance payment, for the purposes of the contractual relationship between the guest and the company Adriatic Sunset, it shall be understood as the pre-payment with which the guest reserves the term. According to Article 41 of the Consumer Protection Act, the amount of interest accrued on the interest rate, on which the savings deposits linked to more than 3 months, which belong to the guest for the period from the date of payment of the advance until delivery of the service, were taken into consideration by Adriatic Sunset in the bid discount.



Adriatic Sunset reserves the right to change the reservation in the event of exceptional circumstances that can not be foreseen, avoided or eliminated (see point 1). Reserved accommodation can be exchanged only upon prior notice of the guest with a stay in a unit of the same or higher category in the same place, for the price received by the guest upon reservation. In the event that a replacement accommodation is only possible in a higher category object and the price of the paid reservation is 15% higher, Adriatic Sunset reserves the right to pay the difference in price in consultation with the guest.

In the event that the replacement of the paid accommodation is impossible, the Adriatic Sunset reserves the right to cancel the reservation, and will immediately inform the guest about the situation and provide him with a repayment of the total amount paid. The same applies if a similar situation occurs on the spot where the guest has already arrived at the final destination and does not agree with the offered compensation or replacement accommodation. In any case, Adriatic Sunset will try to provide information on services that are not in the Adriatic Sunset offer in accordance with good business practices, in order to facilitate the changed situation. In case of incorrect information from the owner of the apartment on a specific term, the owner is obliged to accommodate the guest in the same manner as mentioned above.



In case the guest wants to replace or cancel a reservation made at his request, he must do so in writing (by e-mail). Changes shall be understood as changing the number of persons or changing the start date and / or end of the use of the accommodation or service, which must be communicated no later than 31 days before the start of the service. The first change of reservation, as far as possible without additional costs, will be made free of charge. In the event that a substitute reservation is not possible and the guest cancel the confirmed reservation due to this, the following conditions of cancellation of the reservation will be taken into consideration.

    * In case of cancellation of the reserved term, ADRIATIC SUNSET will not return the paid advance payment.
    Adriatic Sunset is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, as well as for theft of luggage or valuables located in an accommodation facility or with another service provider. We recommend renting a safe if this option exists. Lost luggage or theft should be reported to the owner of the accommodation facility and to the local police.
    The tourist tax is prescribed by the Law on the tourist tax of the Republic of Croatia and ranges from 2,00 to 7,00 kn (from 0,3 EUR – 1 EUR) per adult per day. Youth from 12 to 18 years of age have a 50% discount on this amount, while for children up to 12 years of age there is no need to pay tourist tax. The tourist tax is settled by the guest with the invoice for renting the apartment and thus the guest no longer has any additional costs on the spot regarding the tourist tax.



Guest uses accommodation and other services at his own risk. Adriatic Sunset does not take any responsibility if the guest or his property is damaged or if the guest causes damage in the accommodation facilities. Adriatic Sunset also does not assume responsibility for the inconvenience caused by the temporary failure of electricity, interruption of gas supply, inoperative sewage, water supply and similar consequences of force majeure.

In facilities where the pool is used, guests use the pool at their own risk and take responsibility for the supervision of minors. Pools in buildings are not enclosed, they do not have a security guard / rescuer and are deep in certain areas. Also, ADRIATIC SUNSET assumes no responsibility for the use of the beach near the facility. The guest is informed by this notice that the beaches have no rescuers and are therefore fully responsible for their actions and the supervision of minors near the sea and in it.

By making a reservation, the guest undertakes that if he causes damage to the host (for example, on the inventory), he will settle the costs to the host on-site. Any complaints by neighbors or competent local authorities regarding excessive noise are the basis for the host to request the emptying of apartments, bungalows, villas or rooms without reimbursement.



In the event that the services were not delivered in full quality or contrary to the description on this website, the guest should immediately inform the host of this deficiency and give him the opportunity to eliminate the defect or error.

In the event that a guest can not find a host or is not satisfied with the solution to the problem, he must inform Adriatic Sunset immediately, otherwise he will not be entitled to a refund. The guest must immediately notify the service provider of an inadequate service or a defect in e-mail to or over the telephone on + 386 (0) 41 972 918. The guest is obliged to cooperate with the service provider with the good intention to remove the reasons for the complaint. If the guest does not accept the offered solution corresponding to the paid service on the spot, Adriatic Sunset is not obliged to take into account further guest complaints.

If the problem is not resolved despite the efforts of the service provider (owner of the apartment), Adriatic Sunset and the guest are not solved, the guest must send a written complaint in the latest 60 days after returning from the holiday together with a confirmation from the service provider that the complaint was triggered unsuccessfully, with attached documents and photographs proving the validity of the complaint, send in writing to the company address or email

Adriatic Sunset does not undertake any reimbursement of any financial compensation due to the discontent of the guest, as it was equipped with all the necessary information before departure for the holiday. In case of wrongly given information, he undertakes to try to solve the mistake with the owner of the apartment in agreement with the client.

Adriatic Sunset is a broker in the search for accommodation and does not offer complete arrangements, but only provides information received from the owners of the apartments.



The guest and company Adriatic Sunset will solve all problems amicably along the way and always act in accordance with good business practices and principles of good faith and honesty. In the case of unsolvable situations, both parties will again try to resolve the misunderstanding in a peaceful and dignified way; only in case of unsolvable situation, they will decide to assist the competent court.